9. Jul, 2015

Hot Hot Hot!


The leaf of the palm tree gently brushes against the back of a guest walking with Lilo under one arm , refreshing drink in another making their way to the poolside. I reflect on the first 2 months working in this fine hotel gently nestling on the beach. Meeting nice guests and working with a team dedicated to bringing the best a holiday can bring to our guest has brought it rewards with so many stating they have enjoyed themselves and what the hotel has to offer.

Today however it has been a challenging day he says with a wry smile, the fridge has broken down in our apartment so forget the milk for the cereal it´s the lack of cold beer that sends me into shivers!

To top that the car would not start, so the kind Majorcan patrons of a cafe bar in Muro where I live, almost 17 km from work suggested I contact a local garage for a jump start. Within 10 minutes because of the kind deed of the local mechanic the little Citroen was breathing new life into the air. But not for long, she has turned sick again refusing to start. So the local tow truck has arrived taken her into A&E. Will we ever see her again I doubt it. So as I write another car has been promised and another lilo passes under the arm of a guest sipping on a cold beer on this hot hot hot day.