12. Jul, 2015

New Talkative Audio Productions from Tony Parkins

Lets get "Talkative!"

It is true that our most intimate listening experiences are generally listening to the radio in our cars. So wouldn´t  it be nice and indeed make sense that before the all important meeting or exam, you could listen to an inspirational quote from somebody you admire, a motivational mantra or simple words of encouragement, well now you can. With my pre - recorded audio messages these can be emailed to you immediately in order for you to achieve your chosen positive state of mind.

I have now introduced  my Audio Quizzes selection. These downloads or CD´s are great for reception areas or for clubs or associations to play to their members.

I believe that whilst we enjoy watching Television, listening to an audio product achieves a different sensory form of enjoyment. Personally I think we will see an increased interest in listening to audio entertainment productions. This is one of the reasons I am pleased to launch my audio products.

With each audio announcement my customers will receive a FREE audio announcement of their choice.